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Beginning of 2017 Memories

After various activities where we practiced how to regroup when adding we moved on to borrowing. We had a conversation about why we need to borrow and then applied our skills with multiple exercises that we recorded in our math notebooks. For this unit in writing we learned and practiced how to write about reading. […]

By Jessica Vargas | Grade 2 . Where we are in place and time

4 Great Inventions

本单元结合二年级的探究主题——发明创造,我们重点学习了中国四大发明之一——造纸术。使学生了解各种纸的中文名称,并能够动手将各种纸分门别类粘贴定位。与此同时,由纸的话题延伸至要节约用纸的观念培养,并以“节约用纸”为文本进行语言知识的学习。 Connecting with grade 2 POI—invention, we learned one kind of China’s invention— paper. Students learned how to identify different kinds of paper in Chinese. Then using the “save paper” lesson, students’ sense of saving paper has been improved.   Images and text by Ms Stephanie.


Grade 4 biography research

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PYP 2016 International Peace Day Carousel

Our PYP students at QAIS celebrated International Peace Day with a meaningful 5-stop carousel of activities. Students engaged with their own ideas by reading “If Peace Is…” and then creating their own booklets of their personal ideas of peace. From the personal, they moved to thinking about other children in the world as our CAS […]


Grade 4 visits Qingdao Municipal Museum

Grade 4 student visited the Qingdao Municipal Museum to see a special exhibition of artefacts taken from a ship wreck exploration. Students learned about the Maritime Silk Route and connected this to their understanding of other explorations. The focus of this trip supports the Grade 4 class’s current unit of inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme “Where we […]


MYP Personal Project – PYP Exhibition Skype Collaboration

PYP 5/6 students whose exhibition project is related to understanding the universe, the benefits and costs of space exploration, and how technology has contributed to space exploration had a Skype conference with an MYP student in Darwin, Australia. Aaron, an MYP 5 student shared his Personal Project experience which had to do with launching a […]


Collaborative home-building challenge

Collaborative home-building challenge with fifty wooden prisms in the Peony Cottage As part of our unit of inquiry into homes around the world, we focused one afternoon this week on the following team challenge… In teams of two or three, students were given 50 wooden prisms and invited to design different styles of homes. We spoke about the different features of the homes that […]


Technology: A tool of our modern civilization

As PYP 3 students commence the path towards their summative assessment, Ms. Szyman invited me to have a brief tech integration session with students in which they would learn about  book creator, an App that they will use to organize the findings of their research, and to create a book about the civilization of their choice. Not […]


Exploring Civilizations in Grade 3

The third grade class has been studying how past civilizations can be used to make connections to present day societies.  The class  field trip to the Qingdao Municipal Museum, students explored the museum by completing a scavenger hunt.  The students observed artifacts throughout Qingdao’s history and were able to see and make connections to their […]


The biggest language organ

We commonly hear that kinesthetic learners need to move, touch and experience in order to learn, but I wonder if we ever think about how we are all potential kinesthetic learners due to our skin: our biggest organ, and one of the connections to the information registered in every tangible thing in our world. Through […]

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