Happy Summer Holidays!

We are celebrating the closure of a year of success, personal growth, and friendship!!! The last weeks have gone so fast and we already ended this school year! Unbelievable! Children have been shining with their own light, showing the best of themselves. Responsibility, patience, caring, happiness, joy, and a passion for what they do. There is […]


Something new is happening in Bamboo Cottage! | 在竹屋发生的新鲜事儿! |Bamboo cottage 에는 뭔가 특별하고 새로운 것이 있어요!

Today we focus on how children learn to express themselves, which is an important aspect of being human since we are all living in a multicultural society and we all need to communicate with each other. During the day children have many opportunities to express how they feel. Apart from encouraging both individual and group conversations, we provide […]


Grade 1 and Mid-Autumn Festival

On September 15th, grade 1 students celebrated the mid-autumn festival in class. In connection with our studies, many students brought in moon-cake artifacts (moulds). We took the opportunity to speak about the similarities and differences of these meaningful artifacts and discussed how they give us insight and information about time and place. We also shared traditional stories, information, made our own moon-cakes and created moon […]

By Sean O Oussoren | Grade 1 . Who we are

Stop-motion: moving blocks

Ms Kirsten: The article below is written by Grade 4 student, Owen Oussoren. He has been creating stop-motion animation after being introduced to the app “iMotion” in class. He was invited to write a short article about the movies he has created. In this blog post, he offers a few tips to help anyone get started […]

By Kirsten Loza | Grade 4 . How we express ourselves

Arts, Science, Language and Fun

The grade 3 students have just completed their PYP unit focusing on the arts and how people use different forms of expression to convey their uniqueness as human beings.  During the unit of study the class went on a field trip to the Qingdao History Museum where they watched and learned about shadow plays.  The […]