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Better together

With only three more weeks to go, our toddlers continue showing interest for learning each day. Arrivals are the greatest moment, when their enthusiasm for school is visible in their smile and the fun stories they are eager to share.  It is very interesting to observe their initiative and enjoyment doing household chores. Cooking or […]


Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the moms, we hope you enjoyed your special Sunday in the company of your beloved children. They happily created a poster for you last week, with milk and a few drops of food coloring. The children first dyed watercolor paper and next stamped a message. Messy, but most definitely fun! The latest materials […]


Enriching experiences in Bamboo Cottage.

Ready for a break? Our students definitely need a well deserved pause since they have been working hard for the past months. Do you want to see? We kicked off the past week celebrating Yi’s birthday! She turned 3 and we gathered together with her family to sing her our well practiced song in three […]


We are back

It has  been a while since we last posted here. We have been working on re-establinging our classroom routine after another quite long break. Happy Pig Year by the way! Here are a few pictures of the performance from last January. It was such a fun morning! We have been adding a few new activities […]

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The Earth goes around the Sun…

It has been quite the two weeks! Teachers and students have been missing school, but we have tried to maintain the routine as much as possible. For this reason I want to first, thank my team Suzy and Jessica, for their great work despite all adversity and my absence. Such talented teachers!           Our beloved friends […]


Happy 2019!

Happy new year everyone. Hoping that you had a great time over the break, we are excited to be back and resume our routine. Children returned as happy as can be looking around for new activities. Since time flies by, we’ve already set up a few activities related with the Chinese New Year. The legend […]

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Merry Christmas

Hard to believe four months of school have already passed by. Our last two weeks of the year have gone fast and so many things have happened. Snowflakes falling through the air, in my face, in my hair… (the last song we learned). Snow surprised us early last week and turned our day into a […]

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It’s winter time

Winter has suddenly arrived to Qingdao. I guess because of that, the Christmas spirit has also invaded us. We have decorated our little Christmas tree (and class) and changed some of our art trays with holiday work like this DIY Christmas ball decoration, and Christmas lights cord. Our sensorial table has also changed to white […]


Arrivals and Farewells

Arrivals are always entertaining. Children enter into the classroom full of energy, smiling and with many stories to tell. They take off backpacks and coats, change shoes, and place personal belongings in their cubbies. They are all familiarized with this routine and they enjoy chatting with friends and helping each other to get ready. Children are […]

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Thanksgiving Week

Last week was a week of success, there were many new additions to our routine to encourage independence and to reinforce responsibility. Children were open to the new activities and they happily committed to the tasks. Some of them baked the muffins to share with families on Friday, and others cut some apples for the […]