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Learning to listen. Learning to live together.

What busy weeks we have had! So many things have happened. Children came back from their holidays with lots of stories to tell (whether they are true or not it seems they had so much fun). We hope you all had fun together. Our group is becoming a small family, our students are already working […]


Peace starts from within us

During the past two weeks we have been very busy at Bamboo Cottage. The new students are showing curiosity about the environment and materials. They are progressively embracing common rules and our daily routine. Sometimes they still show hesitation to follow the group but they are becoming more open minded. We are lucky to have these […]


Passion for learning

This past week we welcomed two new students who are adapting progressively to their new environment and routine. A few tears during these days and lots of guidance for our new students to support their learning of the ground rules and a few more things which will help them become more independent.  Our returning students […]


New beginnings for Bamboo Cottage

The new academic year has officially started. QAIS welcomed returning and new students and all the corridors and classes are alive again. Laughs, backpacks, color, coming and going of teachers and students…  Bamboo Cottage starts the school year receiving three returning students who are delighting the teachers with their impressive developmental progress over the summer. […]


Happy Summer Holidays!

We are celebrating the closure of a year of success, personal growth, and friendship!!! The last weeks have gone so fast and we already ended this school year! Unbelievable! Children have been shining with their own light, showing the best of themselves. Responsibility, patience, caring, happiness, joy, and a passion for what they do. There is […]


Fun under the sun

For the past three weeks, our toddlers have explored so much about the world. First week of May, our lovely Qingdao turned pink with all those beautiful cherry blossoms. The weather also started to get warmer and we didn’t hesitate to walk around the campus with a basket in hand and improvise a cherry blossom collection. […]


April Discoveries.

Art is an important area of work in our class. Children have opportunities to develop eye hand coordination, and sensorial through color and texture exploration and most important: art incentives creativity. The world is constantly changing and we all need to have the skills to adapt ourselves to it. Creativity is the tool, it creates individuals with independent […]


Bamboo Cottage is expanding!!!

We are happy to announce that we have four new faces in the Toddler class. During the past few weeks we have been busy welcoming and helping our new children settle in our learning environment. They have been adapting to the new environment and the routine at their own pace, and have been going through […]


365 New Days to Shine崭新的365天熠熠生辉

Welcome 2018! We are back with plenty of energy, after a nice winter break. The dream has come true and we are already settled in our new campus. Our students are actively engaged in a discovery process of their new learning space. We would like to also give a warm welcome to our new team […]


Growing together

Students are loving their time in the classroom, showing engagement in their work, and being knowledgeable of the routine. They have become principled and balanced, choosing materials and activities by themselves and exploring them as deeply as they can. The attention span of this group is increasing each day. Everyone has their favorite kind of […]

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